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Today's recipe day!

Today's recipe day! ūü§©ūüėč

INGREDIENTS: ‚úĒ 1 colorless and no flavour gelatin envelope ‚úĒ 200g of light cream ‚úĒ 1 teaspoon coconut milk ‚úĒ 1 instant coffee spoon ‚úĒ 1 teaspoon Sweetener Oven and Stove ‚úĒ 2 yolks ‚úĒ 2 Eggs white ‚úĒ Coconut oil for greasing

PREPARATION: In a pan, heat the milk, dilute the coffee and mix the cream. Beat the egg yolks, add half of the sweetener and mix well. Mix the milk and cook for about 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Let warm and add the hydrated and dissolved gelatin, set aside. Beat the egg whites with the remaining sweetener and add the reserved mixture. In a greased form with a little coconut oil, pour the mixture and refrigerate it until firm.

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